TUVERA’ S Board of Directors and management team believe that effectiveness of environmental requirements and compliance with National, state/provincial, and local environmental laws and regulations is the key to achieving successful exploration of its projects and then to advancing the development of those properties.

The TUVERA managerial and technical team is very experienced in the understanding and implementation of these laws and regulations and maintains a continuing dialogue with regulators and stakeholders such as county officials, Native American and First Nation councils (where applicable), and non-governmental organizations.

TUVERA works at continuous improvement in its environmental activities and is guided by the following principles:

  1. creating a safe work environment;
  2. minimizing the environmental impacts of its activities;
  3. building cooperative working relationships with local communities and governments in the Company's areas of operations
  4. reviewing and monitoring environmental and safety performance
  5. prompt and effective response to any environmental and safety concerns: and
  6. ensure that all employees, vendors, and consultants adhere to the National, state/provincial, and local laws with respect to the protection of threatened and endangered species