A. Wahab Baouchi



Mr. Baouchi's primary expertise is in the area of renewable energy, particularly solar power and related technologies. He has over 25 years of experience in technical training, technical management, component design, manufacturing, and applications for solar power systems. He has 11 publications on thin film and analytical technologies.

For three years. Mr. Baouchi worked as a Thin Film Coating Scientist in Research & Development at BioStar in Boulder, Colorado. This involved the study and application of optical thin film technology for clinical diagnostics, particularly for rapid point-of-care detection tests for various infectious diseases. Various test kits have been built using this technology and are being distributed in the medical market.At the Production Department of Balzers Thin Films, in Golden, Colorado, Mr. Baouchi was in charge of process transfer and implementation. This involved the design and implementation of new coatings for optical applications. he worked four years as a Senior Scientist for the Advanced Development Group, Applied Films Corporation (AFC) in Boulder, Colorado, where he planned and directed major research projects applying diversified and intensified knowledge of thin film sputter technology. He researched new ideas for product development and assisted customers in solving technical problems in the United States, Japan, and China (including Hong Kong). Mr. Baouchi assisted AFC's engineering staff on project transition from R&D to manufacturing. He also represented AFC at national and international conferences and meetings.

Mr. Baouchi served as a Research Scientist for the Research and Development Department of Vac-Tec Systems in Boulder, Colorado. He supervised their cathodic arc plasma deposition technology. Model advanced deposition systems with better target utilization while supporting engineering staff. Developed a variety of hard coatings for military, space, and industrial applications to improve the performance and productivity of many types of materials, including high-speed tools, resulting in a multimillion-dollar business. For two years as a Staff Scientist at the Research and Applications Department of Glasstech Solar in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. he studied amorphous silicon and related materials for large area photovoltaic applications in an effort to produce high efficiency solar cells. His responsibilities included characterization of solar cells using state-of-the-art equipment.

While working on his M.Sc. degree in Physics, Mr. Baouchi worked as a Staff Scientist for the Materials Science Division of the Solar Energy Research Institute (presently the National Renewable Energy Laboratory) of the U.S. Department of Energy in Golden, Colorado. His work involved study of reflectors for aerospace applications and led to a successful and more improved aerospace mirror.

Mr. Baouchi has a very strong background in teaching and technical training of personnel. He has served as a Volunteer Tutor in the "Youth Competency in Math & Science" program conducted by the Colorado Alliance for Science in Boulder, Colorado for the past nine years. In addition, he has worked as a Part-Time Faculty Member at Regis University in Denver, Colorado and at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado. He has been teaching various courses in mathematics and physics. He has been awarded the "2005 Excellence in Teaching Award" at Regis University. At Front Range Community College in Westminster, Colorado, he worked as an Adjunct Physics Instructor and as an Adjunct Mathematics Instructor for overlapping terms during a span of eight years. He also worked for five years as an Electronics & Physics Instructor at Denver Technical College in Denver, Colorado, where he implemented and developed the physics program to accommodate the needs of vocational students. This included establishing the curriculum and designing laboratory exercises and demonstrations. At the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado, he worked both as a part-time translator (French to English) for the Foundation of Physics and as a Physics Instructor & General Laboratory Manager where he was responsible for teaching lectures, developing laboratory experiments, and demonstrations, training and supervising five laboratory instructors, and substituting for other physics professors.

Mr. Baouchi worked as a Thin Film Coating Scientist/Process Engineer in charge of developing and implementing antireflection thin film coatings with ultra-low reflection at Zolo Technologies in Louisville, Colorado. As part of that effort, he set up a high-volume coating operation with a measurement laboratory. Mr. Baouchi and Zolo produced high-reflectance metal coatings on other products, such as diffraction gratings and mirrors. At Microsemi Colorado, a national manufacturing company that produces semiconductor high performance silicon and silicon carbide semiconductors for analog, mixed signal, switching power, RF power and microwave applications, Mr. Baouchi provided manufacturing process control and improvement of manufacturing methods for improved production yields.

In July 2007 Mr. Baouchi co-founded ARNEVUT Resources Inc. and served as Corporate Secretary for several years. Given the remoteness of some project areas, Mr. Baouchi also provided expertise in the potential fulfillment of energy requirements for operations, especially renewable energy sources. Presently, Mr. Baouchi serves TUVERA as part of their team in the capacity of a professional consultant.

University of Colorado:
B.Sc., Electrical
Engineering, 1979
University of Denver:
M.Sc., Physics, 1983

English (Fluent)
Arabic (Fluent)
French (Fluent)
Berber (Familiar, but not fluent)